PG Aerotech

PG Aerotech is a 14 CFR Part 145 Certificated Repair Station specializing in custom-engineered alternative repairs. We partner with airlines and MROs around the world to develop repairs that provide reliability improvements and address cost and procurement issues associated with OEM parts and repairs. 

Through collaborative engineering, PG Aerotech leverages its considerable experience with FAA-DER approved repairs, customer-engineering approved repairs, and CMM approved repairs to offer operators alternatives to costly parts replacement and reliance on OEM repair processes. PG Aerotech has the experience and know-how to offer quality alternatives beyond what conventional repair stations and parts manufacturers support.


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Regulatory Certifications

Safety and reliability are always PG Aerotech's highest priorities. We employ cutting edge technologies in our repairs and validation, and each repair is backed by an 8130 tag or EASA Form 1.