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Part Number: 2955135JP-1
OEM Part Number(s): 2955135-1

ATA Chapter: 25

Eligibility / Aircraft

A330-201, A330-202, A330-203, A330-223, A330-243, A330-301, A330-321, A330-322, A330-323, A330-341, A330-342, A330-343, A340-211, A340-212, A340-213, A340-311, A340-312, A340-313


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Associated Parts - NHA: 2955T100-SERIES

2955121JP-1 - Drive Gear

2955124JP-1 - Thrust Washer

2955127JP-3 - Planet Gear

2955156JP-3 - Roller Shaft

2955162JP-1 - Disc Stop

2955510JP-1 - Idler Gear Assembly

2955640JP-3 - Stator

ES525JP-1 - Bearing

ES57JP-1 - Seal Washer

ES900JP-20 - Shim

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