Shaft, Control Drive

Part Number: 106722JP
OEM Part Number(s): 106722

ATA Chapter: 73


Eligibility / Aircraft

CF34-3, CRJ-200


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Associated Parts - NHA: MFP-297

106711JP - Fixed Bearing

106736JP - Cover

107551JP - Floating Bearing

107552JP - Floating Bearing

110968JP - Seal Ring

113126JP - Gear, Matched Set

113273JP - Gear, Match Set

113306JP-1 - Bearing

113307JP-1 - Bearing

113308JP-1 - Bearing

113309JP-1 - Bearing

113634JP-1 - Cover and Disc Assy

113636JP-1 - Valve, Relief Assembly

113638JP-1 - Cover and Disc Assy

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