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PG AerotechPG Aerotech is a 14 CFR Part 145 Certificated Repair Station specializing in engineered alternative repairs. PG Aerotech evolved to fill a need present in the aviation industry for specially engineered repairs designed to address the challenges facing our customers. Through collaborative engineering, PG Aerotech is able to leverage our considerable experience with FAA-DER approved repairs, customer-engineering approved repairs, and CMM-approved repairs to offer operators alternatives to costly parts replacement and reliance on OEM repair processes. PG Aerotech has the experience and know-how to offer quality alternatives beyond what conventional repair stations and parts manufacturers are able to support.




Tek Machining provides specialized precision machining of hard metals, and assembly services for electrical and mechanical components to the aerospace, medical and military industries. From starting with a single Swiss-type precision CNC machine to adding many others, Tek Machining exceeds customers’ expectations in keeping with our passion for quality, compliance and responsiveness. Tek Machining adheres to strict quality system requirements of FAA and is in full compliance to the AS9100 Rev C(2009) Quality Management System.