Clevis Assembly

Part Number: 228-58440-101JP
OEM Part Number(s): 228-58440-101

ATA Chapter: 76


Eligibility / Aircraft

CRJ-100, CRJ-200
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Associated Parts - NHA: 228-50200-SERIES

228-50701-801JP - Link Assy

228-50763-101JP - Bolt, -Hinge

228-50763-103JP - Bolt, -Hinge

228-50778-803JP - Link Support Assembly

228-50786-103JP - Seal, Moulded T/R Torque; Box

228-50865-105JP - Spacer

228-50915-101JP - Pin

228-50915-103JP - Link Pin

228-50915-105JP - Link Pin

228-50915-107JP - Pin

228-50915-109JP - Pin

228-50915-111JP - Pin

228-58410-103JP - Bolt, Gearbox Ballscrew

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Associated Parts - NHA: 228-58300-SERIES

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