Part Number: 3600644JP-01
OEM Part Number(s): 3600644-01

ATA Chapter: 79

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Eligibility / Aircraft

CFM56-5B1, CFM56-5B1/2P, CFM56-5B1/3, CFM56-5B1/P, CFM56-5B2, CFM56-5B2/3, CFM56-5B2/P, CFM56-5B3/2P, CFM56-5B3/2P1, CFM56-5B3/3, CFM56-5B3/3B1, CFM56-5B3/P, CFM56-5B3/P1, CFM56-5B4, CFM56-5B4/2P, CFM56-5B4/2P1, CFM56-5B4/P, CFM56-5B4/P1, CFM56-5B5, CFM56-5B5/3, CFM56-5B5/P, CFM56-5B6, CFM56-5B6/2P, CFM56-5B6/3, CFM56-5B6/P, CFM56-5B8/3, CFM56-5B8/P, CFM56-5B9/3, CFM56-5B9/P
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