Adjusting Screw

Part Number: 6714-0321JP
OEM Part Number: 6714-0321

ATA Chapter: 36


Eligibility / Aircraft

A318-100, A319-100, A320-100, A320-200, A321-100, A321-200
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Associated Parts - NHA: 6714D0X0000

6714-0500JP - Union

6714-149JP - Guide

6753-18JP - Ring, Flexible

6764-118JP - Clapper

6764-187JP - Pin

MT118JP - Expander Ring

Associated Parts - NHA: 6774E010000

6753-18JP - Ring, Flexible

6754-44JP - Sealing Ring

6754-52JP - Flexible Ring

6764-118JP - Clapper

6773-0890JP - Lever Sub-Assembly

6773-82JP - Expander Ring