Jet Parts Engineering Announces FAA Approval of 19 New PMA Parts and DER Repairs

Seattle, WA - Jet Parts Engineering (JPE), along with subsidiaries Airline Components Parts and PG Aerotech, recently received FAA approval on 15 new PMA parts and 4 new DER repairs. Included are 737NG pneumatic valve components, an interior door hinge, an A320 hydraulic accumulator bladder, CRJ700/900/1000 toilet control cables, a PW4000 engine inlet cowl bolt, CFM56 LPT stage 1 connecting tubes and lube unit differential pressure switches, A330 thrust reverse seals, and A350 strobe light assemblies, among others.

Slide table side to side to view all
OEM PNPMA PNPart NameEligibility
069000198-3069000198JP-3Gasket737-600/-700/-800/-900, 737-8/-9, 757- 200/200PF/-200CB, 767-200/-300/- 300F/-300ER, 777-200/-200LR/-300ER, 777F
192SG01Y00REPAIRSingle Strobe LightA350
192SG01Y01REPAIRSingle Strobe LightA350
200670-036200670JP-036PackingA318, A319, A320, A321
3-097-3600553-097-360055JPBladderA318, A319, A320, A321
325-0083-01APM325-0083-01Toilet Control Cable AssemblyCRJ700/900/1000
325-0083-02APM325-0083-02Toilet Control Cable AssemblyCRJ700/900/1000
325-0083-03APM325-0083-03Toilet Control Cable AssemblyCRJ700/900/1000
340-256-501-0340-256-501-0JPTube – ConnectingCFM56-5/-7
63000788-163000788JP-1Piston Ring737-400/-800/-900ER
63002821-563002821JP-5Diaphragm Assy737-600/-700/-800/-900/-900ER
71M245-00171M245JP-001Seal – AftA330-223, A330-223F, A330-321, A330-322, A330-323
71M245-00271M245JP-002Seal – AftA330-223, A330-223F, A330-321, A330-322, A330-323
C23102-443-001APMC23102-443-001Hinge Assy737-600/-700/-700C/-800/900/-900ER, 737-8/-9
QA07638REPAIRClogging Indicator TransmitterCFM56-5, A320, A340
QA07656REPAIROil Clogging IndicatorCFM56-7, 737NG
S700B0956S700B0956JPBoltPW4152, PW4158, PW4460, PW4462

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