Jet Parts Engineering Announces FAA Approval of 15 New PMA Parts and DER Repairs

Seattle, WA – Jet Parts Engineering (JPE), along with subsidiaries Airline Components Parts and Aero Parts Mart, recently received FAA approval on 12 new PMA parts and 3 new DER repairs. Included are 777 and E170 cowl rub strips, 777 thrust reverser seals, E170 landing gear seals, 737NG and MAX door and anti-ice valve components, V2500 starter valve piston rings, APU lube module pressure switches, CFM56 low pressure turbine nozzle connecting tubes, and torque motors for the A320 APU inlet guide vane and 777 flow control valve, among others. These newly approved PMA parts are available directly through JPE’s ecommerce website and are listed below.

Slide table side to side to view all
OEM PNPMA PNPart NameEligibility
67M66-1APM67M66-1Drain CapERJ170, ERJ190
739953739953JPTerminal CoverCRJ-100, CRJ-1000, CRJ-700, CRJ900, ERJ 170, ERJ 190
315W1522-1315W1522JP-1Seal AssemblyB777, B777F


743D8MT-161- P15

APM2000A0410K01Seal, AGT-RingERJ170
65-74573-3APM65-74573-3Rod AssyB737NG, B737MAX
3178202-13178202JP-1Plate, Diaphragm BackingB737NG
740369-24740369JP-24Piston RingV2500-A1, V2522-A5
304300-2 REPAIR Pressure SwitchA220, A319, A320, A321,B737NG, B737MAX, MD90
4951023 REPAIR Torque MotorA318, A319, A320, A321
810615-4 REPAIR Torque MotorB777
63002121-163002121JP-1Poppet and SeatB737NG
340-256-401-0340-256-401-0JPTube, ConnectingCFM56-5, CFM56-7

To view pricing, PMA supplements, order tracking, NHA information and more, visit JPE’s ecommerce website at For questions about the latest rollout of PMA parts, contact us at +1 206-281-0963 or 

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