Jet Parts Engineering Announces FAA Approval of 18 New PMA Parts and DER Repairs

Seattle, WA – Jet Parts Engineering (JPE), along with subsidiaries Airline Components Parts and PG Aerotech, recently received FAA approval on 15 new PMA parts and 3 new DER repairs. Included are 777 ram air inlet links and shutoff valve torque motors, 737NG and 737MAX fan air valve components along with thrust reverser feedback rods, A320ceo and A320neo fuel cap cable assembly, CFM56 engine accessory gearbox seals, a repair for the A320 retractable landing light, a cargo strap assembly for 747, 757, and 767 aircraft, an E170 bleed system pressure sensor and core cowl assembly insulation pads, among others. These newly approved PMA parts and repairs are available directly through JPE’s ecommerce website and are listed below.

Slide table side to side to view all
OEM PNPMA PNPart NameEligibility
213W3140-8213W3140JP-8Link Assembly777-200, 777-200ER, 777-300ER
213W3170-3213W3170JP-3Link Assembly777-200, 777-200ER, 777-300ER
3172227-43172227JP-4Poppet737NG, 737MAX
810351-6/-9REPAIRTorque Motor777
7082114-2REPAIRActuatorCRJ700, CRJ900
315A1868-4315A1868JP-4Feedback Rod737NG, 737MAX
315A1868-2315A1868JP-2Feedback Rod737, 757
07276280727628JPCable AssemblyA320 Series, A320neo Series
3177620-13177620JP-1Diaphragm, Air737, 737NG, 757
3177621-13177621JP-1Diaphragm Assembly737, 737NG, 757
305-115-709-0305-115-709JP-0Seal Assembly – SealolCFM56-5B, CFM56-7B
228-50080-107APM228-50080-107Strip Aft Edge UpperCF34-3
727-1213-03/-04REPAIRLanding LightA320 Series
457U2881-1APM457U2881-1Strap Assembly747-8, 757, 767
820965-7820965JP-7Pressure SensorERJ 170, ERJ 190
1959M31P061959M31P06JPSeal AssemblyGE90
CN625-2411-203APMCN625-2411-203Pad InsulationCRJ-700, CRJ-900
3177651-13177651JP-1Ring – GuideEMB-135, EMB-145, ERJ 190, 737, A320 Series, LEAP-1A, GEnx

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